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Exam Timetable

NOTICE (Sunday 10th December 2017)

Students scheduled to undertake exams this coming week are advised to be mindful of recent national weather warnings and allow plenty of time to
travel in case road conditions deteriorate over the coming days. Students should note that Limerick has regular train services to the city centre.

The next scheduled opportunity to take exams will occur during the annual repeats at the end of August.

Student unable to attend for exams due to weather conditions are required to notify SAA@ul.ie in advance of the examination.

SAA Office

Autumn Exam Timetable 2017/18

Handbook of Academic Regulations and Procedures

Autumn Semester 2017/18 Class Timetable

ALL teaching is cancelled from 0900-1500 on 19th and 20th October 2017 due to UL Open Days

Timetable is subject to change. Please refer to this page again before the start of term.

If you are missing any modules from your timetable due to late or non-registration, you should:

  • Contact SAA@ul.ie and ensure that you are registered for the module on the Student Records System immediately
  • Access the timetable for these modules via the Module Timetable option on this webpage
  • Talk to your lecturer/s re. assignment to LAB and TUT groups only after confirmation of registration has been completed and associated fees have been paid to the fees office

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