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Repeat Exam Timetable August 2018

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Autumn Semester 2018/19 Class Timetable

Please note that the timetable is subject to change and you should check back regularly to ensure you have the correct date, time and venue for your exams.

If you are missing any modules from your timetable due to late or non-registration, you should:

  • Contact SAA@ul.ie and ensure that you are registered for the module on the Student Records System immediately
  • Access the timetable for these modules via the Module Timetable option on this webpage
  • Talk to your lecturer/s re. assignment to LAB and TUT groups only after confirmation of registration has been completed and associated fees have been paid to the fees office

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We are currently carrying out updates to the Autumn 2018/19 Class Timetable.
Personalised timetable for all students will be available after 17h00 on Friday of Week 2.